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Structure and Curriculum

Students will finish the OEP Biology Master's program within 2 years: 3 semesters of study and 1 semester of master thesis. During the first 3 semester students have to collect 90 credit points (CP). During the first semester, two obligatory modules provide basic knowledge in causal and historical Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Research and Physiology (20 CP) as well as general principles of Scientific Communication (6 CP).  During the second and third semester, students additionally have to choose elective modules (between 3 and 12 CP) out of various areas. These modules include practical courses (10:00 – 17:00) as well as lectures and seminars in the morning (08:00 – 10:00) and late afternoon (17:00 – 19:00). In the 4th semester, students work on their Master Thesis in one of the participating laboratories or collaborating institutions. Each semester is sub-divided into 3 time blocks, each lasting for 4 weeks. In addition, a 4th time block will take place during the summer and winter holidays (lecture-free period). Here, it is possible to visit more than one elective practical course. Finally, in each semester students have the possibility to deepen their knowledge in self-organized OEP Free IND modules, which will count between 6-12 CP depending on the workload. This is a good opportunity to deepen the knowledge in a special area, which might be the initiation of a later Master thesis.